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the catholic herald

German bishops announce 'synodal process' on celibacy, sexual morality

 The German bishops will discuss priestly celibacy and sexual morality, leading to an as yet undetermined 'binding' outcome. Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising has announced that the Catholic

Church in Germany is embarking on a “binding synodal process” to tackle what he says are the three

key issues....more


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Cyberattacks, Solar Storms & EMP Weapons: U.S. Power Grid Extremely Vulnerable

A lot of Americans are mocking Venezuela right now, but the truth is that what has happened to them could also happen to us very easily. As you will see below, DARPA is so concerned about the possibility of a cyberattack taking down our power grid that they held an extended exercise recreating such a scenario late last year.  And even though scientists tell us that it is inevitable that a "solar tsunami"...More


St. Andrew’s Great Canon: a Rival Voice

Every year during Lent we invite into our churches a great pastor, St. Andrew of Crete, and listen while he leads us in a meditation on sin and repentance. That is, we listen while his Great Canon is chanted, and in response we reply over and over again, “Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me!” Some things in this long poetic work might strike some moderns as a bit jarring, if not downright pathological—all this self-flagellation over our sins, this torrent of anguish and self-abhorrence. Is all this really necessary? Is it even healthy? ,........More