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Brian Taylor

With Australian elections taking place over this weekend I have put up a couple of videos that can fill people in on what the situation is in Australia. Australia is in terrible trouble with "the luck country" about to become very unlucky. The problem is that there is no one to vote for. They have no Donald Trump or Nigel Farage. The main parties, banks and news papers are totally controlled by the Globalists. There is nobody to defend the people, to defend the average worker and family from the tyranny that is about  to descend on them. Can the eyes of the people be opened or do they even want to open them. Are they happy to adopt more laws that has them plunging into another great depression and the rise of a new dictatorship. The rise of Gulags and concentration camps.

Labor's Gender Agenda.

How the Neo Marxists create identity politics in order to create one group of people against another. The old Proletariat against the Bourgeoisie but with two major differences. Firstly, the new Marxist want to get one group against another. Black white male female Christian Muslim. Pick any group and make some other group a victim. Secondly they no longer care anything about the average worker. That leaves the normal person with no one to vote for.


Jay Smiths series on Islam is incredibly informative. I had come across much of this information before. The reason why extreme violence inflicted on anyone leaving or even questioning the doctrines.   You just will not believe the facts available to us today.

Grand Solar Minimum


The climate change with the views of the effects of carbon theories dominate our views of weather. This has taken over from the study of our sun, moon and their cycles. With the study of historical records of ice, trees and geological formations. This area of studies indicates that the earth is not warming but we are going into a new Ice Age.


Michele Pento and Watchdog USA


Michael Pento is very theoretical and uses a lot of charts and maths in his analysis. Very smart bloke and well worth a listen to. Not the most encouraging of messages but these days not even the mainstream Financial media has much good to say.